Located in Piney Flat’s Roberson’s Tennessee Mellomoon is a popular distillery with products expanding across the Eastern United States with aline of moonshines, sauces and other homegrown merchandise.

With roots still in mystery, Neil Roberson’s Tennessee Mellomoon has sparked the taste buds of ‘fine tasting moonshine’ enthusiasts in five states including Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Ohio. Roberson’s Mellomoon moonshine has won several awards including a platinum “Best of Show” award at the 2013/2014 World Beverage Competition and most recently a silver medal at the 2014 Craft Spirits Awards.

TheNet360 work with the Mellomoon brand to develop new markets and produce distinctive marketing strategies leveraging the unique and bold character from the moonshine alchemist – Neil “Tiny” Roberson.

From personal videos, branded merchandise, personal appearances and strategic sponsorships, TheNet360 is a handshake partnership forged to celebrate the growth one bottle, one case and one fan at a time.

Our strategists seek every opportunity to shine the light on this unique East Tennessee brand in a competitive market. Fortunately, we’re working with a superior product than major competitors and we’ve got a fun client to work with.

You can find out more about Mellomoon online and shop their e-commerce store too for Mellomoon merch.

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