Mobile Website Design for Holston Distributing

You might say Budweiser was the original craft beer movement in America. The King of Beers is an amazing brand and for more than 80 years, Holston Distributing in Johnson City has been the direct path for this line of beverages for restaurants, venues, bars and good times all around.

They leverage their success on customer service and when the Net360 had the opportunity to craft a new online experience, we valued that legacy of trust. That’s why we built a website that is dependable, powerful and backed by evolving content strategies to help them continue their success here in East Tennessee.

The website was designed with back-end software that presents every one of the fine brands delivered by their distribution system. That number is over 400 and rising. The website itself looks just as clean and operates as efficiently on a tablet, smart phone or any kind of screen that might come along.

There’s a great history at Holston Distributing. And that’s a story that’s been decades in the making and we are so very excited to continue this story in the decades to come.