In 2014, several key community leaders decided to make a difference. When national obesity indexes presented Tennessee and Sullivan County as one of the most obese communities in the nation – they decided to take action.

Working with theNet360, we joined this movement and began immediately to outline a community impact model to build brand awareness, create engagement opportunities and reach an audience who’s very life depended on improvement.

With an obesity rate at over 36%, the Net360 worked with community organizations and partners to develop a strategic alliance to bring awareness and implement small steps for turning the statistics.

Recognizing the problem was a marathon and not a sprint, we joined hands with Healthy Kingsport with a strategic marketing campaign designed to reach every corner of our community including businesses, churches, schools, non-profits and individuals.

With digital assets including websites and engaging social media efforts, theNet360 produces a constant stream of promotions that have resulted in life-changing commitments.

Among recent accomplishments, Healthy Kingsport has in the first year;

• Recognized as a pilot community for Healthier TN and Governor Haslam
• Launched a Walk for Wellness Expo with over 1,000 attendees
• Implemented a competitive community walking program with over 700 attendees that successfully walked over 75,000 miles
• Recognized with a national pilot program from #LiveSugarfreed
• Cultured partnerships with local organizations
• Developed brand strategies that include weekly newspaper ads, branded apparel, flags, presentation material and active social media strategies

We’re so excited about the future too. Keep an eye out for Healthy Kingsport and Join The Movement!