Garland Farm Estates

If you ever wanted to live in a peaceful setting in a rural countryside that was safe, friendly and ideally located to all your favorite adventures – Garland Farm Estates is a dream come true.

We loved working on this project too. With clear goals of marketing and closing contracts on 34 remarkable new home sites, Garland Farms is taking advantage of the full services of Net360.

Together with our digital team, we have implemented a regional marketing strategy to interest homeowners looking to build a new home in one of the best locations in East Tennessee.

There’s lots of competition too with of plenty of great home sites in Tennessee. However, after conducting our research and recording interviews with the client, we discovered several distinctive qualities of the Terrace at Garland Farms.

Identifying their buyer persona was only the beginning too. Our creative teams worked to identify strategic keywords for a detailed optimization strategy focused on Google keyword queries.

From this foundation, we were able to build a highly engaging website and mobile interface focused on direct lead generation tools, videos, digital downloads and a private login for residents.

It’s easy to see the distinctions of this neighborhood in the Garland Farms video. Produced with drone footage and photography by the Net360, the short documentary captures the essence of this unique homesite located near Johnson City, TN.

As we continue to manage the website, social media and other digital strategies, we look forward to sharing a remarkable success story over the next several months.

There’s nothing quite like watching people find a place to call home, and we believe people will love the living at Garland Farm Estates.