For more than a decade, the Mount Carmel Block Party was one of the most popular events of Fun Fest. A few years ago, the event was unable to locate sponsors and the party was over – for a while.

This past year, Horizon Credit Union and The City of Mount Carmel, along with several other sponsors decided to bring back this popular event. Together with marketing partnership with The Net360, this year’s party was back and better than ever before.

The Net360 partnered with the sponsors to deliver our full suite of marketing strengths: Digital, Print, Apparel, Photography, Video, Press Releases and more.

Working with our creative teams, we developed an extraordinary new brand for the block party, a website, tee-shirts and plenty of newspaper ads, online marketing, social media, videos and more.

Packaged together with a unified brand message this helped to bring awareness to the effort and ensure the participation and arrival of guests who participated in a car show, food, entertainment, concerts and one of the best fireworks shows of Fun Fest.

There’s a lot of work in planning an event that draws thousands of people. The logistics, the conversation, and the money that goes into planning can be complicated and expensive. To that end, we congratulate every who helped bring this together.

We can’t wait til next year!