HK makes a new announcement at the Kingsport Aquatic Center


In support of the Healthy Kingsport initiative to culture a healthier community, the Net360, The City of Kingsport and Healthy Kingsport are introducing a “HK”.

Dressed in her Healthy Kingsport T-Shirt and sandals, HK is a youth mascot helping to identify smoke-free and e-cig free campuses in Kingsport. On Thursday, May 18th, new signage and posters were posted across the campus of the Kingsport Aquatic Center to announce the coming policy on July 1st, 2016.

It’s a change for the better too and HK is the best voice to deliver the message. In the coming months, HK will continue her efforts to identify new smoke-free zones around the city. As a health advocate, we can’t wait to see where HK finds herself next.

This custom signage was developed using yard signs and vinyl banners across the city and social media campaign designed to augment the message.