Here’s one for the Great Outdoors – new website for Carter County Parks and Recreation

Not long ago, the Northeast Tennessee region used to be referred to as the Quad-Cities. That nickname included Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City and Elizabethton, TN.

Carter County has a striking blend of business, residential communities and among other attributes one of the most splendid Parks and Recreation facilities in the state. When you describe East Tennessee, it’s hard not to talk about Watauga Lake – one of the cleanest lakes in the Nation. The Appalachian Trail, the majestic peaks of Roan Mountain and many more hiking trails, parks and recreational facilities.

In addition, you’ll find birds and critters of all species and a community of outdoor enthusiast who not only serve to protect and provide stewardship over these natural amenities, but participate on ever level.

The new Carter County Parks and Recreation website is an extension of the Carter County website and serves to educate tourists and visitors to miles and miles of memorable outdoor and community destinations.

Visit Carter County today and open your spirit to the best Tennessee has to offer.