Digitial E-Commerce Strategy – Dr. Enuf

Some projects are more than fund – it’s a brand we believe in. TheNet360 are always thrilled to work with the folks at Tri City Beverage to market the world’s first energy drink – Dr. Enuf!

With a cult-like brand profile, Dr. Enuf is part of the mountains here in East Tennessee. With a product that is legendary in the South, this 50 plus year old energy drink was the first of its kind and continues to attract thousands of fans both young and old.

TheNet360 developed a new lineup of fall merchandise for the e-commerce strategy of this local favorite. Along with creating an awesome collection, we are also rolling out a nationwide digital marketing strategy to build both awareness and revenue opportunities. We developed six new designs, a custom label pin and more. Our videographers and creative staff worked with models to develop the perfect identity and built that out into digital, social and print strategies that drive sales to the website and the e-commerce platform.

Look for new products in the coming months and be sure to put one of these awesome shirts on your gift list for the holidays.

Here’s a brief video of our photo shoot and several out-takes too.

Be sure to order online at http://www.drenuf.com and like them on Facebook or Instagram too!