Why is Conversion Rate Important?

Within the world of internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is an obvious buzz term. Drawing higher rankings on search engines and thereby drawing more views to your site is basically the name of the game, and search optimization done right can accomplish those goals.

Once they get to your site, though, those views don’t mean a whole lot if you aren’t converting them into sales. At TheNet360, we look at the entire picture – not just how to bring people to you, but how to keep them there and incentivize them to spend on your products. Part of this process is through what’s commonly called conversion rate optimization, or CRO. What is CRO, and how can it go hand in hand with SEO?

What is CRO?

CRO refers to a focus specifically on how frequently site views convert into tangible profit for your company. It’s great that you’ve drawn traffic to your site, but now it’s time to maximize that traffic and turn it into something that directly benefit you. SEO is the more popular term, but CRO can easily have a larger effect on your bottom line. According to eConsultancy, only 2 percent of businesses are “very satisfied” with their conversation rates, and 77 percent are either neutral or dissatisfied.

There are those in the field who downplay the role of CRO in business success, especially where SEO is concerned, but the reality is that the two exist in harmony. CRO is really just the practical, logical endpoint of SEO – SEO is the stick, CRO is the carrot.

Conversion Affects Queries

As you’ll know if you’re heavily involved in SEO, queries are a big deal. Queries are based on user intent:

·      Navigational queries – searches for a specific website

·      Informational queries – searching for information

·      Transactional queries – searching to buy something

These categories are vital for CRO as well. Content optimizers need to track these same tendencies to know what conversion actions are most appropriate for the three types of consumer most likely to land on their site.

One Hand Feeds the Other

As you can begin to see, the relationship between SEO and CRO is really inextricable for the most successful online businesses. SEO can improve the funnel and scope of CRO, and even the very best SEO project is relatively useless if the conversion itself is not optimized and lags behind. Again, CRO is the natural endpoint of good SEO.

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