Service, Distribution and the power of water and coffee – Pristine Springs


There are a couple of fluids that are critical to modern life…water…and coffee. That’s right, the natural mystery of water and the sun-ripened magic of coffee beans.

Pristine Springs in Kingsport, TN supplies both liquids to businesses and institutions in Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina. Their business model provides services for three company efforts including water distribution (, coffee distribution ( and coffee roasting services ( Their new fluid website is responding to all kinds of screens too with great offers and much more.

TheNet360 recently launched the new website for this regional distributor of water and coffee service. With clients in three states, their communications needs required their brand appear across all channels – desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

“As a partner to their business, our role was more of a brand advocate for Pristine Springs,” said David Cate, Creative Director for the project.

“Pristine Springs has a level of service you don’t see too often with trucks all over the region and  we wanted to to help them more than just building a website. He continues, “That’s an important front-end experience, but our ideas go beyond the fundamental aspects of modern media and we are just beginning to leverage new ideas that result in a significant return on their investment.”

From regional marketing of trial offers to targeted customer experiences with their private label business, the new Pristine website is a cornerstone of the company’s new approach to business in the digital age.