Real Estate Websites by Net360 – Welcoming Bob Quillen Realtors

New site launch today! Net360 has been working with regional real estate websites since 1997. Implementing customized MLS and Lead Generation tools, we’re one of the most knowledgeable agencies that help connected buyers and sellers.

Earlier this week, we’re excited to welcome Bob Quillen Realtors, Quillen Auctions-423.378.4511 to our agency. Bob and his team have been a primary resource for commercial and residential homes for decades and has many satisfied clients all over the Mountain South.

Now they have a website that is easy to manage and fully integrated with the Northeast TN MLS. The site is responsive and is quick to navigate on any device.

Visit the new website on desktop or mobile at

Explore the history and the mountain culture of Scott County, Virginia

When it comes to our American heritage, and for that matter country music, Scott County, Virginia was fertile ground for some of our most distinctive national characteristics.

Working with Scott County Tourism, we’ve crafted a digital experience to take in the sights, the sounds, the memories and the unique quality of this jewel of the Appalachian Highlands. The new website captures the historical sites, the natural wonders and the vivid distinctions that has plenty of tall tales and rugged adventures waiting for you a short drive from Kingsport.

The staff at Scott County have crafted an easy-to-read and information narrative describing the community in both word and photos. That made our job easy too. Working together, we redesigned the new responsive website for multiple devices and scrutinized the navigation to yield a more intuitive user experience.

Additionally, we’re working with the Net360 ADA team to provide easy accessibility for A and AA compliance. This will ensure that everyone has terrific experience and make it easy to explore Scott County, Virginia. Visit the new website now at

The oldest community theatre in Tennessee

Johnson City’s community theatre is recognized as the oldest community theatre in Tennessee. That title alone explains the unique sense of the arts community in Johnson City. Supported by both patrons and volunteers, the Johnson City Community Theatre is truly one-of-a-kind.

The new website developed by Net360 is optimized for smart-phone and entertainment lovers all across the region. It’s the perfect bookmark for your weekend plans too. Easy to use, easy to navigate, the website is a personal interface to all events and performances.

Visit the new site at –

Why is Conversion Rate Important?

Within the world of internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is an obvious buzz term. Drawing higher rankings on search engines and thereby drawing more views to your site is basically the name of the game, and search optimization done right can accomplish those goals.

Once they get to your site, though, those views don’t mean a whole lot if you aren’t converting them into sales. At TheNet360, we look at the entire picture – not just how to bring people to you, but how to keep them there and incentivize them to spend on your products. Part of this process is through what’s commonly called conversion rate optimization, or CRO. What is CRO, and how can it go hand in hand with SEO?

What is CRO?

CRO refers to a focus specifically on how frequently site views convert into tangible profit for your company. It’s great that you’ve drawn traffic to your site, but now it’s time to maximize that traffic and turn it into something that directly benefit you. SEO is the more popular term, but CRO can easily have a larger effect on your bottom line. According to eConsultancy, only 2 percent of businesses are “very satisfied” with their conversation rates, and 77 percent are either neutral or dissatisfied.

There are those in the field who downplay the role of CRO in business success, especially where SEO is concerned, but the reality is that the two exist in harmony. CRO is really just the practical, logical endpoint of SEO – SEO is the stick, CRO is the carrot.

Conversion Affects Queries

As you’ll know if you’re heavily involved in SEO, queries are a big deal. Queries are based on user intent:

·      Navigational queries – searches for a specific website

·      Informational queries – searching for information

·      Transactional queries – searching to buy something

These categories are vital for CRO as well. Content optimizers need to track these same tendencies to know what conversion actions are most appropriate for the three types of consumer most likely to land on their site.

One Hand Feeds the Other

As you can begin to see, the relationship between SEO and CRO is really inextricable for the most successful online businesses. SEO can improve the funnel and scope of CRO, and even the very best SEO project is relatively useless if the conversion itself is not optimized and lags behind. Again, CRO is the natural endpoint of good SEO.

Want to learn more? We’re here to help at TheNet360.

Remax Agent – Real Estate Agent Portal

Checkmate Realtors in Johnson City, Tennessee is one of the largest real estate agencies in Northeast Tennessee. With over 70 agents, this local RE/MAX firm is a busy place for buyers and sellers all across the region. Communications among their agents is one of the main reasons for their success. That’s why they contacted The Net360 to develop a new mobile application that puts the business in one place – on their smart phone.

“We needed a way to pull together lots of time sensitive information,” said Mike McClanahan, one of the owners. “When it comes to our clients, we want to be available at anytime of the day to respond to buyers and their questions. Our website had a lot of information, but we wanted a mobile app to bring everything into one place.”

With a custom bookmark on the smartphone, all agents have access to their listings, private information, showing details, office calendars and the ability to call, text and email anyone at the agency – in one of the easiest to use interfaces around.

With a private login, the agents have access to the latest news, updates to homes and have the ability to communicate with owners and much more.

This custom project is a powerful networking tool for real estate agents. It’s easy to use and operates on both Apple and Android smartphones.

With agent feedback, this new Net360 product is a powerful tool for any real estate firm. Let us explore a new platform for your business. Call Net360 today and let’s create something together.

A new vision for Erie County Ohio

The Erie County Economic Development Corporation private non-profit established in 1987 by forward thinking Erie County citizens to act as the lead economic development organization for Erie County, Ohio.

Our responsibilities include providing assistance to business & industry, realtors, builders and local communities in an effort to maintain and improve the economic base in Erie County.

The website is mobile-friendly and easily editable–a must for the client. Information has been organized into four primary sections to make finding content much easier for website users.

Before and after shows a move into the future for this great destination in Ohio.

Kingsport website design for Kingsport Library

Celebrating a library with more than just books – Kingsport Library launches new site with Net360

Kingsport website design for Kingsport Library

With over 750 visitors walking through the doors of the Kingsport Library on any given day, you might say this is the busiest place in downtown Kingsport.

However, when you add up the visitors who visit the library online – you’ll see quickly the modern library is more than just books.

That’s why the new Kingsport Library website developed by Kingsport’s digital media agency the Net360 serves more than just readers.

Creative Director, David Cate describes the new website as platform for all of the services the library offers in the modern era.

“When you look at all the ways the Kingsport Library serves the citizens of our community, it’s amazing.”

Cate continues, “Our original discovery sessions with the librarians revealed that librarians help people find jobs, get a driver’s license, seek financial aid and provide many important research services. There are events, special programs, ebooks, audio books, videos, DVDs – the list is long one.”

Our staff even found the library a great place for the fastest free wi-fi, wireless printing and open meeting spaces.

Working with Helen Whitaker and the Kingsport Library staff, The Net360 identified key user analytics from previous websites to track exactly what users wanted most. From there, we developed a new site map that grew from the measurements of more than a decade of user preferences.

Enlisting a Pinterest style interface for the home page, the new responsive website is a delightful mobile experience too with custom graphics updated by the library staff several times a week.

“There are so many online tools we offer our patrons, we needed a new website that was quite simply – easier to use,” said Helen Whitaker the Director of the Kingsport Library. “We have partnered with some of the best online tools on the Internet and we’ve got some exciting plans for the future and the website serves as a central starting point for everything we offer,” said Whitaker.

She continues, “With seamless integration to the Watauga Regional Library network, there are over 1 million books with three clicks. More important, there’s a website that all librarians create content on a regular basis.

The future is going to open doors for so much more with our new website. More blogs, more photos, events and we’re excited about a new program focused on summer reading and a 3-d Maker Studio coming later in the year.”

TheNet360 has more strategic marketing plans coming in the future to increase engagement and appreciation of the new library and we can’t wait to share the next phase as we roll these new programs out over the remainder of the year.

The Jonesborough Herald and Tribune

Tennessee’s oldest town gets a new website – ready for your smartphone

The city of Jonesborough, TN is a important site for anyone traveling through Tennessee. With its roots deep in Tennessee history, the Herald and Tribune reports on everything related to this landmark community.

The Net360 recently worked with their staff to craft a custom news product designed for editors and journalists to easily coordinate content, photos and events. Working from the ground up, our development team worked with the staff to create a website that’s easy-to-use and a breeze to navigate.

One of the best features about the new website is the responsive website design which allows readers to access content on their smartphone.

Updated several times throughout the day, this new interface is strategically performing well with custom-crafted SEO software and unique management capabilities. Now that their editorial staff is trained – each day begins with a fresh balance of Jonesborough content ready for the world to share – right from Tennessee’s oldest town.

Visit the new Herald and Tribune website today at