New designs ready for 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

We’re loving this new design for the tee-shirt and brand assets for Horizon Credit Union and the 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

Each year, we get all excited this time of the year as Mount Carmel, TN gets ready for the party of the year on the streets during Fun Fest.

This initial design work has some work before the final production model and will become the foundation for a broad and diverse marketing campaign.

Count down the days at …

Why Content Writing is Vital in Digital Marketing

The broad goal of all digital marketing is reaching and influencing as many potential customers as possible, and our internet marketing solutions are second to none in this regard at TheNet360. We combine innovative marketing tactics with strong knowledge in the search engine optimization (SEO) field to bring your business the exposure it needs.

A big part of our services, but one that’s often glossed over by our competition? Content writing. SEO isn’t just a collection of keywords and links – it’s a full experience where every bit of content on the page matters. Let’s look at the ways good content writing adds to your brand and visibility.

Personal Connection

Connecting with the audience is the best way to turn clicks into conversions, and this is where content writing comes in. Potential customers need to find the information on your pages worthwhile and interesting, and better yet, they need to find solutions to meet their needs.

Content is the best way to quickly and smoothly show them, both consciously and subconsciously, that your products and services do that. Writing aimed directly at the right demographics can go a long way to conversion.


It’s generally said that 80 percent of website content should focus on the audience and just 20 percent should focus on the products themselves. People have problems, and the thing they want above all else is solutions to those problems – your content tells them exactly how you’re going to provide that. It helps maintain consistency and create meaningful connections between customers and your services.

Tell a Story

Content is the perfect place for the more human side of sales and marketing. Links and keywords are often the best tactics for getting clicks to your site, but retaining those clicks and turning them into sales is a process influenced by emotional reaction and engagement – the type that comes through well-written content.

The more engaged a customer is with the story behind your products or services, the more subconsciously likely they are to take the next step.

Listen and Respond

People look for goods and services online in part because of the versatility and interactivity. No one wants to look at a products page stuffed full of meaningless descriptions and nothing else; people want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. This doesn’t mean you have to set up a chat feature or something similar – rather it just means that content aimed at proactively answering as many customer questions as possible is the name of the game.

Want to learn more about this or any other element of our digital marketing solutions? Contact the experts at TheNet360 today.

What You’re Missing Out On If You Don’t Advertise on Social Media

Facebook burst onto the online scene in 2004 and for the first few years was primarily used by college students to connect. Since that time, though, the network has become the largest social network in the world, today registering more than 1.7 billion users worldwide. For many people, the line between the real world and the digital world, from a social standpoint, has become increasingly blurred.

The Social Media Landscape

While Facebook remains the 800-pound gorilla in the social media market, it’s certainly not the only social network. Instagram and Twitter are the next most popular, registering 500 million and 313 million active users, respectively. Others like Snapchat (200 million users), Pinterest (100 million), and LinkedIn (106 million) have more of a niche audience, but should not be ignored if they fit in your marketing strategy. There are plenty of reasons for you to allocate some of your budget to advertise on these networks.

Audience Targeting

Gone are the days when your only options for advertising were broad messages on broadcast television or radio that would reach a wide and general audience. While those ads are not necessarily bad, it’s impossible to target a specific audience beyond some broad demographics. In addition, the fragmented nature of our media consumption today makes it more difficult to reach the right people with these “traditional” media strategies.

Social media allows you to very specifically target the people you want to reach with your message, both geographically and by age, gender, and even interest area. This ensures that your message is getting to the people most likely to want more information about your product or service.


Not every company has an advertising budget to match industry giants like Apple or Coca-Cola. If other advertising is out of your budget, social advertising can provide a more affordable option. When you create a campaign you decide on a daily or monthly budget, and your ad will only be shown when it fits in your pre-determined budget—whether that is $20 a day or $2000. Plus with the ability to target a specific audience, you can ensure that the money you spend isn’t being spent reaching out to the wrong people.

Detailed Reporting

Social advertising also offers the opportunity to get detailed reporting about exactly who is seeing your ad, when, and whether they are interacting (by doing things like clicking, sharing, re-tweeting, or commenting on it). You can even launch multiple ads to do some A/B testing and see which ones perform the best, then promote the high-performing ones.

A Social Boost

Because social media is, well, social, a well-designed ad campaign can get a boost from the users. When it’s done right, users who see your ad may share it, tag friends, comment on it, and engage with your ad in ways that help it spread to an even larger audience than the one you paid for. The term used for this type of advertising and reach is “organic”, and it can provide you with even more value for your paid ads.

If you’ve never advertised on social media before, you may be concerned about how to get started. The good news is that it’s easy to do, so call a social media marketing company today to launch affordable, targeted advertising to reach your audience online.

Healthy Kingsport Polo Shirts

hk-polo-color-woman hk-polo-color-detail (1)To align with the branding strategy to encourage healthier lifestyles in Kingsport, TheNet360 released new grey polo shirts for staff members today.

With over 5,000 stitches in each shirt, this new polo is sporty and fashionable with both a men’s and ladies style. We delivered to advisory and staff members yesterday and are excited to watch this make its way across the city.