Real Estate Websites by Net360 – Welcoming Bob Quillen Realtors

New site launch today! Net360 has been working with regional real estate websites since 1997. Implementing customized MLS and Lead Generation tools, we’re one of the most knowledgeable agencies that help connected buyers and sellers.

Earlier this week, we’re excited to welcome Bob Quillen Realtors, Quillen Auctions-423.378.4511 to our agency. Bob and his team have been a primary resource for commercial and residential homes for decades and has many satisfied clients all over the Mountain South.

Now they have a website that is easy to manage and fully integrated with the Northeast TN MLS. The site is responsive and is quick to navigate on any device.

Visit the new website on desktop or mobile at

New designs ready for 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

We’re loving this new design for the tee-shirt and brand assets for Horizon Credit Union and the 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

Each year, we get all excited this time of the year as Mount Carmel, TN gets ready for the party of the year on the streets during Fun Fest.

This initial design work has some work before the final production model and will become the foundation for a broad and diverse marketing campaign.

Count down the days at …

Remax Agent – Real Estate Agent Portal

Checkmate Realtors in Johnson City, Tennessee is one of the largest real estate agencies in Northeast Tennessee. With over 70 agents, this local RE/MAX firm is a busy place for buyers and sellers all across the region. Communications among their agents is one of the main reasons for their success. That’s why they contacted The Net360 to develop a new mobile application that puts the business in one place – on their smart phone.

“We needed a way to pull together lots of time sensitive information,” said Mike McClanahan, one of the owners. “When it comes to our clients, we want to be available at anytime of the day to respond to buyers and their questions. Our website had a lot of information, but we wanted a mobile app to bring everything into one place.”

With a custom bookmark on the smartphone, all agents have access to their listings, private information, showing details, office calendars and the ability to call, text and email anyone at the agency – in one of the easiest to use interfaces around.

With a private login, the agents have access to the latest news, updates to homes and have the ability to communicate with owners and much more.

This custom project is a powerful networking tool for real estate agents. It’s easy to use and operates on both Apple and Android smartphones.

With agent feedback, this new Net360 product is a powerful tool for any real estate firm. Let us explore a new platform for your business. Call Net360 today and let’s create something together.


Celebrating a Kingsport treasure one step at a time – Video from the Kingsport Greenbelt

There’s one thing we special thing we love about Kingsport. It’s the passion and commitment from the city’s leadership that results in community assets to influence generations to come.

Recently, the City of Kingsport and The Kingsport Greenbelt worked with the Net360 to produce a promotional video about the Kingsport Greenbelt.

This city-wide linear walking path has been one of the city’s crown jewels for many years. Linking neighborhoods and businesses together, the Greenbelt is a nine-mile journey from the forests of Preston Forest to the shores of the Holston River.

Perfect for walking with your family, friends and pets, the Greenbelt is also home to a variety of species of birds, wildflowers and other natural wonders. It’s a great place to ride bikes, rollerblades, fish or picnic.

Access to the Greenbelt is in the hundreds each day and the Net360 worked to capture the variety and the pleasure this pathway provides for the citizens of the region. Using candid video from Greenbelt travelers, drone footage and music in the spirit of the trail, the new video is used for social media promotion and other digital strategies for the City of Kingsport.


The Jonesborough Herald and Tribune

Tennessee’s oldest town gets a new website – ready for your smartphone

The city of Jonesborough, TN is a important site for anyone traveling through Tennessee. With its roots deep in Tennessee history, the Herald and Tribune reports on everything related to this landmark community.

The Net360 recently worked with their staff to craft a custom news product designed for editors and journalists to easily coordinate content, photos and events. Working from the ground up, our development team worked with the staff to create a website that’s easy-to-use and a breeze to navigate.

One of the best features about the new website is the responsive website design which allows readers to access content on their smartphone.

Updated several times throughout the day, this new interface is strategically performing well with custom-crafted SEO software and unique management capabilities. Now that their editorial staff is trained – each day begins with a fresh balance of Jonesborough content ready for the world to share – right from Tennessee’s oldest town.

Visit the new Herald and Tribune website today at

Net360 launches Kingsport Marketing Strategy with Healthy Kingsport and #LiveSugarfreed

The Net360 launched a strategic marketing strategy to help fight obesity among Kingsport’s population with Healthy Kingsport and #LiveSugarfreed.

On Tuesday, February 9th, regional healthcare professionals, City of Kingsport and Chamber staff gathered in Kingsport to hear the results of the first phase of the #LiveSugarfreed project.

Developed by the Public Good Project, the first phase of this initiative helped to educate citizens in our region about the dangers of sugary beverage.

To launch a new campaign in Phase Two of this effort, The Net360 helped to stage a press conference to launch a free bottled water campaign offered to Kingsport businesses churches and schools.

Below are some of the photos from this event.

To read more about this unique web site design, branding and digital/social marketing strategy – click here for a case study about this project.

Shelby Dildine

Welcome Shelby Dildine

Shelby Dildine

Shelby Dildine – Digital Consultant

The Net360 is preparing for a brand new year of possibilities for our clients. As we begin 2016, we’re excited to welcome Shelby Dildine to the team.
Shelby is a recent graduate of The University of Tennessee with a degree in digital marketing.

Together with our team of digital experts, Shelby will be working with our clients to explore data and opportunities that engage new customers. She has an exceptional understanding of modern Internet and social media marketing campaigns and a shared passion of building our agency in Northeast Tennessee.

We look forward to the year with Shelby and invite you to welcome her fresh new perspective.

Service, Distribution and the power of water and coffee – Pristine Springs


There are a couple of fluids that are critical to modern life…water…and coffee. That’s right, the natural mystery of water and the sun-ripened magic of coffee beans.

Pristine Springs in Kingsport, TN supplies both liquids to businesses and institutions in Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina. Their business model provides services for three company efforts including water distribution (, coffee distribution ( and coffee roasting services ( Their new fluid website is responding to all kinds of screens too with great offers and much more.

TheNet360 recently launched the new website for this regional distributor of water and coffee service. With clients in three states, their communications needs required their brand appear across all channels – desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

“As a partner to their business, our role was more of a brand advocate for Pristine Springs,” said David Cate, Creative Director for the project.

“Pristine Springs has a level of service you don’t see too often with trucks all over the region and  we wanted to to help them more than just building a website. He continues, “That’s an important front-end experience, but our ideas go beyond the fundamental aspects of modern media and we are just beginning to leverage new ideas that result in a significant return on their investment.”

From regional marketing of trial offers to targeted customer experiences with their private label business, the new Pristine website is a cornerstone of the company’s new approach to business in the digital age.