Real Estate Websites by Net360 – Welcoming Bob Quillen Realtors

New site launch today! Net360 has been working with regional real estate websites since 1997. Implementing customized MLS and Lead Generation tools, we’re one of the most knowledgeable agencies that help connected buyers and sellers.

Earlier this week, we’re excited to welcome Bob Quillen Realtors, Quillen Auctions-423.378.4511 to our agency. Bob and his team have been a primary resource for commercial and residential homes for decades and has many satisfied clients all over the Mountain South.

Now they have a website that is easy to manage and fully integrated with the Northeast TN MLS. The site is responsive and is quick to navigate on any device.

Visit the new website on desktop or mobile at

Explore the history and the mountain culture of Scott County, Virginia

When it comes to our American heritage, and for that matter country music, Scott County, Virginia was fertile ground for some of our most distinctive national characteristics.

Working with Scott County Tourism, we’ve crafted a digital experience to take in the sights, the sounds, the memories and the unique quality of this jewel of the Appalachian Highlands. The new website captures the historical sites, the natural wonders and the vivid distinctions that has plenty of tall tales and rugged adventures waiting for you a short drive from Kingsport.

The staff at Scott County have crafted an easy-to-read and information narrative describing the community in both word and photos. That made our job easy too. Working together, we redesigned the new responsive website for multiple devices and scrutinized the navigation to yield a more intuitive user experience.

Additionally, we’re working with the Net360 ADA team to provide easy accessibility for A and AA compliance. This will ensure that everyone has terrific experience and make it easy to explore Scott County, Virginia. Visit the new website now at

New designs ready for 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

We’re loving this new design for the tee-shirt and brand assets for Horizon Credit Union and the 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

Each year, we get all excited this time of the year as Mount Carmel, TN gets ready for the party of the year on the streets during Fun Fest.

This initial design work has some work before the final production model and will become the foundation for a broad and diverse marketing campaign.

Count down the days at …

The oldest community theatre in Tennessee

Johnson City’s community theatre is recognized as the oldest community theatre in Tennessee. That title alone explains the unique sense of the arts community in Johnson City. Supported by both patrons and volunteers, the Johnson City Community Theatre is truly one-of-a-kind.

The new website developed by Net360 is optimized for smart-phone and entertainment lovers all across the region. It’s the perfect bookmark for your weekend plans too. Easy to use, easy to navigate, the website is a personal interface to all events and performances.

Visit the new site at –

Custom Magazine Publishing – Horizon Magazine – Fall 2017

Telling the “David and Goliath story” for Horizon Credit Union never gets old. From the beginning, TheNet360 has been working with this regional brand to grow a credit union’s awareness in a crowded market. It’s personal too. These folks are not the ordinary credit union. In fact, they are passionate professionals who are intimately connected with their members and our community.

The Horizon Magazine is produced twice a year for the members of this credit union and is used to leverage their engagement with the community and tell the story of a new credit union that continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. This glossy magazine highlights those services and the member stories that make up a proud past and a bright future too. Producing the photography and strategic content marketing elements, Net360 is proud to present another marketing strategy aligned to communicate with members and potential new customers all over East Tennessee.

The glossy magazine highlights the unique services and testimonials that distinguish Horizon Credit Union from their competition. Producing the content, the photography and strategic marketing concepts, Net360 is proud to share this strategy aligned to communicate with members and potential new customers all over East Tennessee.

Designed by Net360 from cover-to-cover, our media partners worked to deliver this publication to over 30,000 targeted households in Eastern Tennessee. The communicative power and shelf life of a magazine like this make for an engaging and effective piece that is compelling and effective year round.  In addition to the magazine, several focused social campaigns are also part of this unique effort.

In addition to the magazine, several focused social campaigns are also part of this unique product.

Dr. Enuf – Merchandising / Brand Assets

Some projects are more than fund – it’s a brand we believe in. TheNet360 are always thrilled to work with the folks at Tri City Beverage to market the world’s first energy drink – Dr. Enuf!

Remax Agent – Real Estate Agent Portal

Checkmate Realtors in Johnson City, Tennessee is one of the largest real estate agencies in Northeast Tennessee. With over 70 agents, this local RE/MAX firm is a busy place for buyers and sellers all across the region. Communications among their agents is one of the main reasons for their success. That’s why they contacted The Net360 to develop a new mobile application that puts the business in one place – on their smart phone.

“We needed a way to pull together lots of time sensitive information,” said Mike McClanahan, one of the owners. “When it comes to our clients, we want to be available at anytime of the day to respond to buyers and their questions. Our website had a lot of information, but we wanted a mobile app to bring everything into one place.”

With a custom bookmark on the smartphone, all agents have access to their listings, private information, showing details, office calendars and the ability to call, text and email anyone at the agency – in one of the easiest to use interfaces around.

With a private login, the agents have access to the latest news, updates to homes and have the ability to communicate with owners and much more.

This custom project is a powerful networking tool for real estate agents. It’s easy to use and operates on both Apple and Android smartphones.

With agent feedback, this new Net360 product is a powerful tool for any real estate firm. Let us explore a new platform for your business. Call Net360 today and let’s create something together.