New designs ready for 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

We’re loving this new design for the tee-shirt and brand assets for Horizon Credit Union and the 2019 Mount Carmel Block Party.

Each year, we get all excited this time of the year as Mount Carmel, TN gets ready for the party of the year on the streets during Fun Fest.

This initial design work has some work before the final production model and will become the foundation for a broad and diverse marketing campaign.

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Custom Magazine Publishing – Horizon Magazine – Fall 2017

Telling the “David and Goliath story” for Horizon Credit Union never gets old. From the beginning, TheNet360 has been working with this regional brand to grow a credit union’s awareness in a crowded market. It’s personal too. These folks are not the ordinary credit union. In fact, they are passionate professionals who are intimately connected with their members and our community.

The Horizon Magazine is produced twice a year for the members of this credit union and is used to leverage their engagement with the community and tell the story of a new credit union that continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. This glossy magazine highlights those services and the member stories that make up a proud past and a bright future too. Producing the photography and strategic content marketing elements, Net360 is proud to present another marketing strategy aligned to communicate with members and potential new customers all over East Tennessee.

The glossy magazine highlights the unique services and testimonials that distinguish Horizon Credit Union from their competition. Producing the content, the photography and strategic marketing concepts, Net360 is proud to share this strategy aligned to communicate with members and potential new customers all over East Tennessee.

Designed by Net360 from cover-to-cover, our media partners worked to deliver this publication to over 30,000 targeted households in Eastern Tennessee. The communicative power and shelf life of a magazine like this make for an engaging and effective piece that is compelling and effective year round.  In addition to the magazine, several focused social campaigns are also part of this unique effort.

In addition to the magazine, several focused social campaigns are also part of this unique product.

Dr. Enuf – Merchandising / Brand Assets

Some projects are more than fund – it’s a brand we believe in. TheNet360 are always thrilled to work with the folks at Tri City Beverage to market the world’s first energy drink – Dr. Enuf!


Celebrating a Kingsport treasure one step at a time – Video from the Kingsport Greenbelt

There’s one thing we special thing we love about Kingsport. It’s the passion and commitment from the city’s leadership that results in community assets to influence generations to come.

Recently, the City of Kingsport and The Kingsport Greenbelt worked with the Net360 to produce a promotional video about the Kingsport Greenbelt.

This city-wide linear walking path has been one of the city’s crown jewels for many years. Linking neighborhoods and businesses together, the Greenbelt is a nine-mile journey from the forests of Preston Forest to the shores of the Holston River.

Perfect for walking with your family, friends and pets, the Greenbelt is also home to a variety of species of birds, wildflowers and other natural wonders. It’s a great place to ride bikes, rollerblades, fish or picnic.

Access to the Greenbelt is in the hundreds each day and the Net360 worked to capture the variety and the pleasure this pathway provides for the citizens of the region. Using candid video from Greenbelt travelers, drone footage and music in the spirit of the trail, the new video is used for social media promotion and other digital strategies for the City of Kingsport.


HK makes a new announcement at the Kingsport Aquatic Center


In support of the Healthy Kingsport initiative to culture a healthier community, the Net360, The City of Kingsport and Healthy Kingsport are introducing a “HK”.

Dressed in her Healthy Kingsport T-Shirt and sandals, HK is a youth mascot helping to identify smoke-free and e-cig free campuses in Kingsport. On Thursday, May 18th, new signage and posters were posted across the campus of the Kingsport Aquatic Center to announce the coming policy on July 1st, 2016.

It’s a change for the better too and HK is the best voice to deliver the message. In the coming months, HK will continue her efforts to identify new smoke-free zones around the city. As a health advocate, we can’t wait to see where HK finds herself next.

This custom signage was developed using yard signs and vinyl banners across the city and social media campaign designed to augment the message.



Brochure and map design – Kingsport Greenbelt

greenbeltmapTheNet360, Healthy Kingsport and the Kingsport Greenbelt are pleased to share a new walking map for Kingsport’s 9 mile community trail.

Spanning from east to west, The Kingsport Greenbelt is one of Kingsport’s most unique assets providing a variety of trails from one end of the city to the other.

Our developers and designers worked with Kingsport Parks and recreation to recreate an old brochure into a new modern layout that features easy-to-read points of interests, markers, mileage and future expansion points. In addition to the design and construction of the brochure, our team is working on an interactive version of this map to be later in this Spring.

Pick up a free copy at the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce or the Kingsport Civic Center.

Net360 launches Kingsport Marketing Strategy with Healthy Kingsport and #LiveSugarfreed

The Net360 launched a strategic marketing strategy to help fight obesity among Kingsport’s population with Healthy Kingsport and #LiveSugarfreed.

On Tuesday, February 9th, regional healthcare professionals, City of Kingsport and Chamber staff gathered in Kingsport to hear the results of the first phase of the #LiveSugarfreed project.

Developed by the Public Good Project, the first phase of this initiative helped to educate citizens in our region about the dangers of sugary beverage.

To launch a new campaign in Phase Two of this effort, The Net360 helped to stage a press conference to launch a free bottled water campaign offered to Kingsport businesses churches and schools.

Below are some of the photos from this event.

To read more about this unique web site design, branding and digital/social marketing strategy – click here for a case study about this project.

Dr. Enuf Retro Tin Signs

What’s old is new again as TheNet360 releases a limited edition Dr. Enuf Retro tin sign.

We love Dr. Enuf and what a great way to decorate a studio, man cave or garage than with this vintage original Dr. Enuf logo. The sign measures 16 inches in circumference and will last for generations. It already looks like it’s a vintage antique, but we think fans will love this new approach.

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